Why are we organising this event?

School Revision Logo FINAL HRSo, why are we organising this event? In 2016, Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan gave evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee’s (WEC) Trans Equality Report (2016), saying she was making sure schools were abiding by their responsibilities under the Equality Act. Therefore, she was looking at teacher training, reviewing the curriculum and helping “teachers to be more confident and to support pupils…” who are trans or gender variant.

Research provided to the Trans Equality Report, from the Equality Human Rights Commission, indicates that 91% of trans boys and 66% of trans girls experience harassment or bullying at school, leading to depression, isolation and a desire to leave education as early as possible. It is commonly felt that unless supported, around 40% of young trans people disconnect from education as it becomes an activity that they want to get away from (based on research conducted by LGBT charity Stonewall). Their experience is not aspirational and often they feel unsupported by the structures which should support them to succeed. The majority of schools in the UK are not currently equipped with the skills or awareness of trans issues to adequately support them.

We’ve been in consultation with many schools, academies, and faith schools, and one of the overriding pieces of feedback we had was that head teachers and senior educationalists need advice and to hear the experiences of young transgender people. Head teachers have identified that there needs to be structural and systemic change to allow trans and non-binary pupils to feel safe, secure and aspirational within their schools. Heads have also expressed that they need guidance and help to shape this vision. At present there is no guidance about curriculum from central government to which senior leaders can turn.

Our event fits into the national strategy changes recommended by the WEC report and will create a space where young trans people can feel aspirational, positive and supported fully, and importantly, where educators have the practical information and confidence needed to make their schools more inclusive of gender variant pupils.

Organisers and supporters

The event is organised by volunteers from Wipe Out TransphobiaGendered IntelligenceJuno Roche and All About Trans with support for school and catering costs from NUTATL, and Hogan Lovells International Law Firm.

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